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What are the types of insurance coverage?

types of insurance coverage
types of insurance coverage

These different types of insurance coverage offer various forms of protection. Insurance coverage is a crucial approach that provides a safety net against financial setbacks and unforeseen events. While having a great source of income is beneficial, it doesn’t guarantee protection in the face of sudden circumstances.

Insurance coverage offers various options to effectively manage unexpected financial risks that may arise in the future, thereby giving you peace of mind, knowing that you won’t experience financial ruin when confronted with personal or business risks that require funding.

More so, to maximize these benefits, it’s essential to have an in-depth knowledge of the types, features, and differences. Reading through this article as we delve deeper into them.

Different types of insurance coverage

The Insurance policies available today are in two categories: General and Life insurance.

General insurance: As we own many valuable assets, protecting them is our responsibility in the case of damage, theft, or loss, by insurance. So you ensure the security through reimbursement for the repairs of the damages.

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Different types of general insurance policy

Health insurance: Health insurance covers medical emergencies. It effectively reduces the cost of medical expenses for illnesses, checkups,  pre- and post-hospitalization. It equally covers events such as maternity benefits or health organ donation.

Meanwhile, we have two types of health insurance policies;

  • Family floater insurance policy
  • Individual health insurance policy

Home insurance: This policy is a type of general insurance that covers your house and your property against natural disasters or any damages caused by accidents or anyone on the issue of theft; the home insurance will pay for the loss.

Motor insurance: When your car is covered with motor insurance, the insurer will cover any damage or losses caused by accidents or natural disasters. In addition, You can also purchase riders with this policy, including different types of motor riders such as depreciation cover, breakdown assistance, etc.

Travel insurance: This policy covers you while you are on a trip for events like flight delays, loss of luggage and passport, medical emergencies, accidents, etc.

The list of other types of general insurance policies include:

  • Marine insurance
  • Crop insurance
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Rural insurance

In actuality, securing your life and loved ones is necessary, as well as investing in general insurance is a great way to protect your valuable assets. Let’s explore life insurance, its features, and benefits.

The key aspect of  Life insurance is its ability to reduce financial burdens on your loved ones when the inevitable happens.

Different types of life insurance

Universal life insurance:  This is also known as adjustable life insurance. It is permanent life insurance coverage that allows policyholders to adjust their premium payments under specific conditions.

This policy plan offers flexibility to align coverage with fluctuating circumstances or financial needs by either increasing or decreasing your death benefit.

Whole life insurance: This insurance plan is inevitably expensive. However, it is the most common type of permanent life insurance. The three essential features of whole life insurance include:

  • Cash value component: Here, you earn interest over time after you’ve paid your premium, a portion of your payment goes into your policy’s cash value.
  • Lifetime coverage: Unlike most policies, which end when you reach 100 years of age, whole life insurance covers you for a lifetime.
  • Policy stability: this means your premiums are fixed and stable as long as you have the policy.

The list of other types of life insurance:

  • Term life insurance
  • Variable life insurance
  • Group life insurance


In conclusion, an insurance policy aims at one thing: To provide coverage against life uncertainties. Thereby, safeguarding you against losses that may arise from various unexpected life events. It undoubtedly offers guaranteed financial protection supporting both family and business. You can determine your coverage needs by considering the factors mentioned in this article.