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Best time to visit New Zealand and Australia

Best time to visit New Zealand and Australia
Best time to visit New Zealand and Australia

To ensure an optimal trip, travelers must find the best time to visit New Zealand and Australia. These countries are famous tourist destinations due to the variety of wildlife and other natural wonders they offer.

Even with these unique experiences all year round, some travelers still leave unsatisfied. This may be because their timing is wrong for an activity they anticipated or due to bad weather they didn’t expect.

For instance, a region in New Zealand may experience all four seasons in one day. Without prior information, this may affect your schedule. This blog post aims to provide a detailed outline to help you decide the best time for your trip.

Best time to visit New Zealand and Australia

For most tourists, spring and fall are the best times to visit New Zealand and Australia. Weather, temperature, and climate are major determinants in trip planning.

Some may crave a memorable experience that happens outside the popular time. Others may be willing to forgo the warmth of summer and settle for when the bookings are cheaper. Whatever your preferences are, this guide will help you plan better.

Best time to visit New Zealand


December to February is the summer season in New Zealand. It is usually sunny at this time, and most tourists engage in various outdoor activities. A dip in the beach gives you a refreshing feel after lounging in the sun.

Tourists can also participate in the New Year celebrations or the Marlborough Food and Wine Festival. If they show up in February, they can participate in the marathon, triathlon, and race events in New Zealand.


March ushers in the autumn season, which lasts until May. This season offers moderate temperatures, which makes it ideal for vacations. One popular event you’ll enjoy if you travel this season is the Bluff Oyster Festival.

Additionally, it’s a great time to go hiking without worrying about slippery floors. You can also go on wine tours and take great pictures while doing so.

This is the perfect time for family get-togethers. In this season, the streets are not as rowdy as in summertime.


This is the coldest season in New Zealand. From June to August, the country experiences cold temperatures as low as 5 degrees Celsius.

Ski resorts record the highest number of visitors during winter. However, other attraction sites are less busy during these months.

This is the time to try out all snow-related activities. If you wait until winter, you can ski, go snow-watching, or attend the South Island Dunedin Fringe Festival.

Other popular events during these months include the Matariki Festival and the Queenstown Winter Festival. If you are traveling during this time, ensure your attire is warm enough for the season.


This season starts in September and ends in November. During this time, the country comes alive with blooming flowers, making it ideal for romantic getaways.

Hikers and wildlife enthusiasts use this time to have the best adventures. The New Zealand Cup and Alexandra Blossom Festival are popular events during this time.

Best time to visit Australia


In Australia, summer, which is from December to February, is popular for vacations. The sun shines for about 12 hours, making the weather suitable for various outdoor activities. You can also engage in water sports or visit the beach.

Having a sunblock is necessary, especially in January, when the temperature can rise to 30 degrees Celsius. Some summer events you can’t afford to miss include the Adelaide Festival and Sydney’s New Year’s Eve.

You may stay away from the coastal regions if you enjoy quiet time. Ensure you book your accommodation on time to avoid getting stranded.


The autumn season is from March to May. Tourists take advantage of the mild temperature to go sightseeing.

Whether it’s the wine regions or the national parks, this weather is perfect for different adventures. Moreover, foreigners come in swarms at this time, especially for the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.


If your target is the winter season, you should book a trip between June and August. Although most parts of the island face extreme cold, some tourists are prepared to risk it. If you visit the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, ensure your trip falls between June and August.

This season is perfect for skiing, visiting the Australian Alps, or visiting the outback. You can attend the Brisbane festival or the Dark Mofo in Tasmania. Tourists who are after the wine regions stick to the winter months when there’s plenty of wine across Australia

Best time to visit New Zealand and Australia for cheap bookings

If budget is a concern, you should target off-peak periods for cheap deals. The winter season attracts fewer tourists, so there may be lower prices for flights and accommodation.

Even though summer is the most expensive time to travel, international flights to Australia are surprisingly cheaper. To avoid the rush season, try to make plans at least six months ahead of your travel time.

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Best time to visit the region

Summer is perfect for visiting anywhere in the southern region. However, because of the weather, it is not advisable to go close to Adelaide, Sydney, or Melbourne anytime from December to February.

Ayers Rock may be a better attraction site in the rain than in the heat of summer. In the wet season, you may also want to avoid places like Darwin, Broome, and Kakadu. This is because the wet season comes with serious floods that may ruin the roads and cause accidents.


Overall, the timing of your trip influences the quality and experience you get on that trip. For the best experience, ensure you work towards the optimal time for your vacation.