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Top 5 cheap travel destinations

cheap travel destinations
cheap travel destinations

Despite the increasing cost of travel each year, some cheap travel destinations are still available if you know where to go. While money influences our travel decisions more than anything else, other factors such as safety concerns, accommodation choices, or resort fees will help you prioritize destinations where your money stretches further. That said, let’s uncover some affordable travel destinations in this article.

List of top cheap travel destinations


Brazil provides budget-friendly options. It’s the first to consider if you don’t want to break the bank.

Most importantly, The Brazilian real offers a very good exchange rate with dollars, which amplifies the value of your money for your travel experience. Although the city is relatively small, it stands as a crucial industrial and commercial hub for the country.

Regarding tourism, Fortaleza ranks as Brazil’s second most preferred tourist destination. This tourist destination reportedly attracts 12 million tourists annually.

The beaches are frequently used; among the city’s most famous beaches are Iracema and Futuro Beach. You should visit the beach park for adventure and fun and spend time in Rio de Janeiro. 

Also, visit Sao Paulo, a once-neglected neighborhood now filled with dynamic galleries, museums, and bars. Its nightlife is another exciting experience.

The best time to visit Brazil is between February and April because of the tropical climate in the topical zone.

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In the Philippines, locations like Siagaor and Palawine are some of the most stunning places on Earth. It is difficult to believe that they’re so economically accessible.

How to find cheap travel destination flights to Philippine

Search for some major airlines going to the Philippines to discover the most affordable flight ticket. The fees are not hidden from airlines, so you will see precisely what you will pay for.

Compare available flight offers to the Philippines from over 1,000 providers. Then, choose the cheapest flight.

Although February is considered the best month to secure a cheap flight to the Philippines, you can still use Skyscanner, a ‘Whole month tool,’ to discover the best and most economical day and month to fly to the Philippines.

Combine your flight fee to the Philippines with accommodations and car rental to best manage your budget. Always set up a price alert to monitor the prices in your budget, perhaps if there are changes at any time.

North Macedonia

North Macedonia had stayed undiscovered by many travelers, which resulted in affordable and budget-friendly opportunities.

However, situated in the heart of the Balkans is Skopje, the capital city of North Macedonia. Though rich in diverse culture and History, the city is underrated and less crowded, which is precisely why it is cheaper. Tourists ignore North Macedonia because of its limited flight options.

Surprisingly, the most recent data shared by the Nomad list states that the capital city of Skopje now ranks as the digital nomad hub, experiencing the most rapid growth in the last five years.

Its growth was consistent from 2018. Its tourism industry now flourishes, drawing new interest from a new generation of travelers.


India is now more affordable than ever. Its budget-friendly hotels range from $60 per night bungalows to luxurious Oberoi and six-senses destinations available at every price point.

For cheaper funding, July is the most affordable month to fly to India. You would also need an airline that flies directly to India without stopping halfway.

During your vacation, you can visit Mumbai, which has the cheapest airport and is equally considered the most affordable city in India.


Interestingly, Hungary made it to our cheap travel destinations list. Those who visit Hungary can gain a wealth of experience. It is the most vibrant city in Europe, with world-class architecture, exciting activities to keep you engaged, and a thriving bar scene. You will find delicious local food, user-friendly transportation, and friendly locals known for their hospitality.

Budapest is the most densely populated city in Hungary. We can’t talk about Hungary without talking about Budapest.

It has been proven the 9th largest in the European Union by population. The good thing is that you can enjoy Budapest on a low budget.

Three ways to enjoy Budapest on budget

You can utilize public transit: Budapest has a resourceful, low-cost transportation system. It’s a way to travel through the town with a bicycle and is very safe to use.

There’s absolutely nothing to be afraid of while using this transportation system. For a single price, the card may grant five passengers unlimited excursions within 24 hours of traveling together.

Enjoy a picnic surrounded by the park’s natural beauty: The two beautiful parks in Budapest where you can have picnics and relaxation without spending much money are City Park and Margaret Island. If you’re not afraid of hiking, check out the Buda Hills. Be sure to prioritize sustainability during the picnic. You will also need a picnic blanket or a mat to sit on for relaxation.

Free Events: It sounds so interesting to have free festivals and events to attend in Hungary. You must be on the lookout for free concerts, events, and festivals during your vacation.

The weather can sometimes be a little challenging, but once the weather permits, all the public areas in Budapest will be transformed into free concert venues. So be sure to have fun with free events during your visit.


In conclusion, visiting cheap travel destinations can create some unforgettable travel memories. Although very affordable, you will still have an exceptional journey full of adventure and some wealth of experience while having some exciting cheap excursions, cultural richness, and some natural beauty that doesn’t come at any cost. Consider the above-listed destinations for a favorable and low-cost trip.