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How to Convert 2004 to Roman Numerals

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2004 in Roman numerals is MMIV

Roman numerals are a system of numerical notation used in ancient Rome, and they are still used today in some contexts, such as on clocks and in movie credits. If you need to convert the year 2004 to Roman numerals, it's a relatively simple process.

To convert 2004 to Roman numerals, we need to break it down into its component parts and find the corresponding Roman numeral for each part.

The first part is the thousands digit, which is represented by the letter M. We have two thousands digits in 2004, so we write MM for 2000.

Next, we need to consider the remaining digits, which are 4. In Roman numerals, 4 is represented by the letter IV. To see why, we can think of the Roman numeral system as using additive and subtractive principles to represent numbers. For example, 5 is represented by V because it is one unit larger than 4 (IV).

To get IV from 4, we start with V and subtract I. So, 4 is represented by IV.

Now we combine the two Roman numerals we found for 2000 and 4 to get MMIV. This is the Roman numeral representation of the year 2004.

In summary, to convert 2004 to Roman numerals, we write MM for the thousands digit and IV for the remaining digits. This gives us the Roman numeral MMIV.




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