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Learn how to solve 52 divided by 4 quickly and easily

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You may think that dividing 52 by 4 is an impossible challenge, but if you follow a few basic methods, you'll be able to answer this issue fast and effortlessly. How to do it:

The dividend (52) should be written within a long division bracket, while the divisor (4) should be written outside the bracket.

After completing this step, you should enter the quotient (1) above the brackets. The first digit of the dividend is 5, and the divisor is 4, thus divide 5 by 4.

To get the product, multiply the quotient, which is 1, by the divisor, which is 4. (4).

To get the remainder, take the first two digits of the dividend (52) and subtract the product (4) from those digits (1).

To calculate the new dividend, move the next digit of the dividend down, which is 2, and put it to the left of the remainder, which is 1. (12).

To get the quotient (3), first divide the new dividend (12) by the divisor (4). The resulting number should be written above the bracket.

To get the product, multiply the quotient, which is 3, by the divisor, which is 4. (12).

Calculate the remainder by taking the product (12) and subtracting it from the new dividend (12). (0).

The division is finished now that there is no residue and there are no more digits to reduce down to a lower value.

The solution to the issue involving division is found in the quotient (13).

Hence, 13 is the correct answer when 52 is divided by 4.

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