Home Information And Guide – Here’s How to access New Bet9ja Shop Now – Here’s How to access New Bet9ja Shop Now – Here’s How to Access New Bet9ja Shop Now. If you want to access bet9ja see instead of Shop.bet9jamcom, you don’t have to be surprised. Bet9ja recently moved from to

This transition happened all because of the big mistake Bet9ja made by allowing the online website to expire.


If you want to access the Bet9ja shop, then let’s show you how to do it on the new site.

How do I access

To access the bet9ja shop on the new site, all you need to do is type your usual or


Once you enter them correctly, you’ll be sent to the all-new

You have to kindly note that you can successfully carry out any activity you’ve been carrying out on the previous site.

Another important piece of information you need to know is that the new site has the same design as the old one. The bet9ja mobile is still functioning as it used to on the portal.

All the features and things you used to know about the Bet9ja shop will still work perfectly well on the new site.


Take a look at some questions asked by lots of bet9ja customers below:

  • Will Bet9ja Shop come back to the way it used to be?
  • Is the new shop safe for me on Bet9ja?

News Update: has now moved to >>>:

Will get returned back to

According to information online, the person who purchased was given a whopping 20 million naira plus before he gave it back to bet9ja. is still active and is currently managed by bet9ja.

However, no one can tell for sure if the website will be returned to normal or if it will continue with the new site.

Whichever way, Bet9ja will inform everyone in due time if there’s a reverse.

We hope that they take their time to bring back the site to what users used to love. Let’s watch and see how Bet9ja will make everyone happy again by bringing back what we know.

Bet9ja Shop

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The transition from the formal to is still a shock to everyone.