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PHY 142 Atomic and Nuclear Physics Materials: Download Links for Unilorin Students

Welcome, Unilorin students! Are you currently enrolled in the PHY 142 (Atomic and Nuclear Physics) course and in search of comprehensive study materials? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we have curated a collection of valuable resources to aid you in your studies. We understand the significance of having access to high-quality materials, and that’s why we’ve compiled this list of downloadable resources to help you excel in your atomic and nuclear physics journey. Let’s dive into the world of PHY 142 materials!

Download Links:

compton effect



PHY 142 Hydrogen, Radioactivity etc Application


PHY 142 Millikan experiment and X-rays

PHY142 Discovery of x-ray

PHY142 Photoelectric Effect

Phy142 Radioactivity


phy142 Thermionic Emission

PHY142_Particle Wave Duality and Photoelectricity – Copy

PHY142_Particle Wave Duality and Photoelectricity

PHY142—Nuclear Physics

Theories of Atom

Wave-particle duality and Photoelectricity


Remember, these resources are meant to supplement your coursework and enhance your understanding of atomic and nuclear physics. Utilize them effectively alongside attending lectures and engaging in practical demonstrations.

With the PHY 142 atomic and nuclear physics materials provided in this blog post, you now have a wealth of resources at your fingertips. A solid foundation in atomic and nuclear physics is crucial for various scientific disciplines and future studies.

Whether you’re preparing for exams, grappling with complex concepts, or seeking additional practice, these materials will guide you on your path to success. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the download links provided above and make the most of these resources.

Good luck with your studies, Unilorin students! We have full confidence in your ability to conquer PHY 142 and thrive in your academic journey.